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maria rosa by mdauteuil international visual artist
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Your bouquet kept in

an artwork 

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You receive a bouquet for a special occasion such as a graduation, a wedding, an anniversary, funeral ... and you would like to keep this memory.

flowers herbarium maria rosa international artist

We send you a press for the safe conservation (international shipping), drying and shipping of your petals. You fill it out and send it back to the artist.

 Artwork in progress

Your petals are then fixed on a local and eco-responsible wood by the artist. Then a superior quality anti-uv varnish is used to ensure longevity of the artwork.

About maria rosa

Created by Mdauteuil, visual artist since 2006, Maria Rosa was born with a desire to conscientiously immortalize flowers. Allowing bouquets to become eternal and to remember their precious moments.

Inspired by the desire to design with nature while respecting it; Remarkably meticulous, her fascinating compositions uniquely combine the creation and preservation of memories.

Ordering a Maria Rosa artwork underlines the importance of a memorable moment and makes it unforgettable.

Our engagements

custom artworks

 Maria Rosa best artist 2020, Custom framing Helsinki, Finland, Harri Virtanen.

custom framing

Each artwork is framed according to your wishes. The framing can be carried out by the artist or by a specialized local craftsman.

 Maria Rosa best artist 2020 Ecological artworks, ecological footprint, local businesses

local and eco-responsible materials

Mdauteuil is committed to reducing her ecological impact by purchasing ecological materials and encouraging local businesses.

marie rosa by mdauteuil best artist 2020 international shipping, tracking number, secure, certification of authenticity


The finalized artwork will be shipped in secure packaging, accompanied by a tracking number and will be insured. A certificate of authenticity and an invoice will be sent to you.

 maria rosa by mdauteuil best artist 2020 best organic artworks, nordic artworks


You will be in contact with the artist involved throughout the creation process. If you wish, you can communicate by video and see the artist working on your creation.

Each memory is a unique moment in a story . Supporting people through the highlights of their lives is a privilege for me."


Depending on the dimensions roughly plus the cost framing*, when it comes to price, we are able to respect

your budget.

Here are some examples, do not hesitate to fill out the quote form below.

types of frames

Maria Rosa by mdauteuil best artist 2020 Scandinavian artwork, wood, refined


refined wood: simple and authentic.

from 200 eur *

 Maria Rosa by mdauteuil best artist 2020 Contemporary, modern artworks


modern: elegant, pure and light.

from 200 eur *

 Maria Rosa by mdauteuil best artist 2020 Sophisticated artworks of Versailles

From Versailles

sophisticated and imposing: a distinguished choice.

from 400 eur *

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